How To Make Greek Yogurt

The best thing about milk is that there is so much you can do with it with among it being making Greek Yogurt. Anyone that has made Greek yogurt before can tell you that if you don’t get the process right then you might loss out on achieving your intentions. This is among the easiest yogurts to make you just need to pay attention. By reading this article you as the reader will get to learn about making your own Greek Yogurt.

The first tip is the ingredients, the more the fat the better hence you will need milk and live culture yogurt. Measuring cups play a big role in the yogurt making process hence the need to ensure that you have around four of the cups. One thing that people might find odd but is a necessity is having an old tee. Also never forget to have a source pan and a whisk. With some research you will end up with all the recipes that you will ever need on Greek Yogurt. Here is what you need to know about the cuisinart cym-100 yogurt maker.

Remember the milk that you bought that was around four cups, it is now time to put it into use by taking it through the milk pasteurization process which involves bringing the milk to an almost boil in your sauce pan and as the bubbles start to rise you cover it without a lid. For Greek Yogurt the more the fat the better, hence you can add some powdered milk to the mixture. Take the milk tightened with a lid and place it in a place where it can cool down for almost one hour. To activate the process you will need to then bring the two tablespoons of live culture yogurt and ensure that you stir and then pour to the saucepan. The number one thing that will make the Greek Yogurt work is the temperatures in which you keep it and for this reason, always ensure that you are able to keep the temperatures at 115 degrees to 118 degrees and nothing above. For this type of yogurt, timing is key and for this reason always ensure that the time doesn’t go past 12 hours but also ensure that you ensure that the temperature is kept not above 118 degrees.

A ready yogurt will move away from the measuring cup once you hit it from the side, this is a tip that will let you know if your venture is successful. The other tip that comes very last is the straining part where you place the old tee that you have over a bowl and ensure the strainer is tight then keep the yogurt suspended in the fridge for close to four hours. After these procedures, now sit down and have the time of your life. Click this link for more info:

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